Secure Data Destruction

At Electronic – Recycling we know how important It is that data devices we receive are destroyed in the proper way.

We follow all destruction standards ensuring the best service for our customers , these include ;

  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidance on end-user device reset procedures
  • NCSC guidance on secure sanitisation of storage media
  • NCSC Cloud Security Principle 2: Asset Protection and Resilience (Data Destruction)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) (Data Destruction)
  • DIN

Secure data destruction services ensure all data is wiped to the highest of standards; all our work is carried out in accordance with the data protection act. It equipment recycling Our process of data removal involves multiple overwriting with CESG approved software and exceeds both the standards set by the Ministry of defense and the US department of defense. Our software permanently wipes all data from any data storage device up to, CONFIDENTIAL, RESTRICTED access, SECRET, and TOP SECRET levels and will overwrite hard drive disposal in London destruction services in London from any size ATA/IDE/SCSI/SAS/USB/SATA/ Fiber Channel and FireWire drives. In addition, the software erases all hidden/locked areas on a hard disk such as DCO, HPA, and remapped sectors this process can be time-consuming but ensures all data is destroyed and is nonrecoverable. If for any reason the hard drive disposal uk cannot be accessed or data is proving difficult to wipe the hard drive disposal in London is then removed and physically destroyed. Our secure data wiping guarantees the total removal of all data and on request the removal of all identification markings including electronic “tattoos”. Once the equipment has been safely tested and has successfully undergone the data removal process it is packed and securely stored. Our research and development officers then seek new communities, which can benefit from our scheme. Once approved, the equipment is forwarded on without delay.