Monitor Recycling

Monitor disposal company in uk Electronic Recycling provides a complete recycling solution for all type of monitors. Old monitors that use cathode ray tubes (CRT) have become obsolete but in some cases we still manage to come across a few . Most consumers think about  disposing them for a number of reasons. CRT monitors contain 4 to 8 pounds of lead, however, the liquid crystal (LCD) monitor disposal near me have  mall fluorescent bulbs which contain mercury. Unfortunately, lead and mercury both are toxic metals which cannot be left alone instead they should be kept inside the monitor disposal company in uk . All these factors give us more reason to dispose of such monitors in the safest and most efficient way.

Monitor Recycling disposal company in uk should be done with lots of care and precaution, TFT and LCD monitors have hazardous waste within the screen and are classified by the environmental agency as hazardous. The industry standard materials Mercury and Arsenic are used in good amounts in LCDs.

In order to prevent the formation of defects of Liquid Crystal Display, Arsenic is used and as the fluorescent lamps contains mercury; they are used to light up or illuminate LCDs. When a monitor disposal near me , there is a lot of plastic waste that is produced as a bi product , this plastic is collected and then recycled to be used in the manufacturing of new products.  

We can also recover printed circuit boards from the monitor disposal near me recycling of LCDs and in the same way, valuable metals like copper can be recovered from printed circuit boards by stripping the cables. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep these away from landfills and treat them with care within the process of recycling the monitor.

If you wish to hand over your monitors to us, you can follow these steps;

1, Unplug all cables from monitor such as VGA, DVI or HDMI. Unplug the cable from the CPU to reduce the load and preventing it from tripping. Remember , sometimes the VGA cables are screwed in, make sure to unscrew before removing.

2, Place the monitor in a well packaged box or packing, this will ensure that the monitor has a very minimal chance of breaking.  You can either drop it off to us or you can post it. If the quantity is large we can offer collection.

3, once we receive you monitor , we will provide you with a waste transfer note that would show that we have received your monitor.

4, Finally , the monitor is disposed of.

Its as easy as that, the same method above can also be used for other I T equipment and not just monitors.