Printer Recycling

Customer who wish to get rid of their old printers can do so as we provide a recycling service for printers which will be recycled in accordance with the 2007 WEEE directive.

Just like other I T equipment , Printer recycling service London we take great care in the disposal and recycling of printers , most newer printers that are on the market today are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled , meaning there may be a chance of data being stored on them. We first make sure the printer disposal service is factory rest and that all data is erased before proceeding to recycle. printer recycling in ukalso hold ink and toner cartridges , both of which hold hazardous chemicals. Cartridges should never be thrown into general waste as the plastics and hazardous materials can take thousands of years to decompose , the ink that may leak out could also be harmful to crops. It is important that they are disposed of properly